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-Guide To vacation on ‘ Sal Island


Hello guys! Today I want to talk about Cape Verde and in particular of the ‘ Island of Sal (Sal). Last year I was lucky enough to be able to add to the list of my holiday and I hope, as always, you have the opportunity to do it too.

Island-Sal-Cape Verde

The pier in Santa Maria , Sal Island , Cape Verde

L ‘ Island of Sal is about 6 hours flight from the airport of Orio al Serio, Bergamo and is part of the archipelago of Cape Verde.

The driest of the group of 10 islands on the side of the African coast facing the ‘ Central America , right at Senegal.

In fact, given its location its waters are comfortable to take a bath and stay in literally hours and hours soaking in water.

Try to get lulled by the crystal clear ocean waves (of course when they are not particularly moved, as more ocean speaking).





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A Brief History of ‘Island of Sal

Sal, as the archipelago of Cape Verde, was on hand to Portugal that the exploited for their own interests (same story of exploitation of most of the islands in the world).

Portugal never gave support, even after various crises and famines, why percu it proclaimed its independence in 1975.

When you go, you will not believe that desert island (similar to Boa Vista ) made 90% of the sand was once covered with lush plants.

Alas they were all cut savagely to make way for cattle, agriculture and other things, while the drought did the rest without a hope of regrowth.

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How much is a holiday on the Island of Sal?


I will try to give a complete answer on the cost of a holiday in Sal, although it is far from person to person.


The budget, based on the average cost of two weeks to the island of Sal ranging from € 1,200 per person and € 1,600 per person, including the extras.

If you are a large family or a group of surfers who want to save money, you can find an apartment for 4/5 people € 350 two weeks. The shopping is cheap and if you get freshly caught fish on the pier, with little make yourself unforgettable bellyfuls.

Just to make information, know that a ‘ apartment of 70 square meters for rent 4/6 months onwards will cost around € 300-400 per month (excluding fees, although negligible).

I booked at the Cabo Verde Time  for knowledge. I can say that as vacation packages offers good value for money even if you have the constraint of being in an all-inclusive resort.

I at the end of August 2015, for the package of two weeks ALL INCLUSIVE I spent 900 euros  , flight + retreat Aereporto Almicar CABRAL of ‘ Island of Sal + drinks at the bar (except bottled water) + breakfast buffet, lunch and dinner .

One week they only spend about € 200 less, which do not recommend to do, except for particular constraints.

The flight to / coast from only € 450/550 on average, which impacts a lot on the cost of the holiday.


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The more you stay = less you pay!

In fact, even all ‘ island of Sal , as in other destinations it is the rule “are more and less you pay”.

It ‘a basic rule that applies to 90% of cases. With the increase of vacation days you have the following advantages:

  • Amortise the cost of the flight
  • you have a steep discount on accommodation
  • after the first week you begin to learn how to eat well, spend little and so on.

For more information about current offers and more, visit the page “Offers from the Web”, there are
always interesting things. Even for New Year’s Eve  or the feast Christmas.


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Which are the best hotels and resorts

in Sal Island?

I will tell you right away the names of the two chains of the best Resort on the island of Sal. Be warned, however, that in principle all over the island you will never find a great disservice.

So if you only have half weeks. and you want to enjoy the excellent facilities there are 2 chains they do for you.

The first is the RIU Funana and RIU Palace which always strovano in Santa Maria.Sono side by side. Places right next to where the association is to protect the turtles. If you want you can see every day the hatching of turtle eggs.

Great location and quiet, is the last settlement on the coast of Santa Maria.

Riu Hotels

impeccable service, comfortable rooms great food (RIU) rated 4.5 of 5.


The second is the MELIA Tortuga Beach is further away from the village center. About 6 km from the center of Santa Maria. Nothing is missing as far as comfort. The only flaw is the need to take a means of transport to go to Santa Maria. For a vacation you do not feel the weight. You will have the same trips that indulge.

The MELIA Tortuga Beach is placed in a context of various resorts and cottages, as if to create a country of its own. Impeccable, comfortable service great food we rated 4.5 of 5.


Cottages and hotels are not lacking for sure on an island dedicated to tourism. So if you have to deal with the wallet a good way is to consult and book on Booking.

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The Main Towns in the island

    • Saint Mary

Panoramic view of Santa Maria, Sal Island

The village of Santa Maria is the engine of tourism activities and the place where you play the most important events of the ‘ Island of Sal . Among them remember the Carnival , the Festival of Music of Cape Verde and there beside Punta Preta area are held World Championships Kite Surf.

And ‘by far the most bustling cities of the island where girders all that can serve, from the pharmacy to the supermarket. Several car rentals, quad, police, public offices, etc.

I describe a bit ‘over the country telling you about the typical day of some of my friends who live there. They live without any means of transport and do a little ‘healthy movement. The frenetic say it is just a bad memory.

Let’s start by having breakfast with croissant and Italian cappuccino classic (the Italian cost) in bars there in the area. Just ask There are many Italians at the dock.

Early in the morning we take a look at the pier where in the early morning begins the comings and goings of fishermen and tourists.

Mattuttina then a walk on the paved road that runs along the sea for most of Santa Maria. So as to watch the local and hotels that line it while the sun still burns.

You arrive early in the dock and contracted for a slice of tuna or seasonal fresh fish. They chat about this and less with all the Italians who go to refuel there.

Remaining hours to see the fishermen and the ocean in all its splendor is a sight that never fails. Moreover, the locals are friendly and sociable. It concludes shopping at the supermarket or market and you fall.

In the afternoon we take a bit of sun and you are lulled by the waves in the sea. Never fail breathtaking performances on surfing and kite surfing to entertain. Dusk falls.

The best place to spend an evening is the square of Santa Maria. Here we find many cafes and restaurants and under the church tower in the evening there is always music and people drinking, eating and dancing.

If you want to eat well at a reasonable price you have to go to Marea Italian Restaurant (booking) it is a guarantee 😉. In this secluded restaurant and for a select few (around 20 seats) you can enjoy delicious dishes. The owners are nice Italians.

If you want to eat the typical look for areas far from the seafront and 5 euro you dug.

Useful to know that in the square there is the free WIFI and since the resort connections are sparse and expensive is a good alternative.

Santa Maria is constantly expanding, although by now the whole area close to the sea has already been built on land grows toward the island’s interior. Rents are still very cheap for the short and medium term, considering it is tourist area.

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  • Espargos

Espargos is the capital of Sal, here we find the ‘ A ereporto of Almicar Cabral . Espargos has grown because of it and work from it brought. Even here we find everything, but basically it is more geared to locals not to tourism.

The island is not big and attractions are few. So if you take a rental car one day as I did I recommend you visit it.

You ‘a quaint village in the colors of the place and you have to pass through this to get to the salt or to the port of Palmeira. On a day rental car you can visit everything calmly.

The Italian community here is reduced because of lontanza from the sea but still present.

  • Palmeira

A Palmeira is the port of the island of Sal and so it’s a nice center to visit. The square’s bars are frequented by locals but you can not do ammeno note expat Italians playing cards.

Here, too, the presence of Italian is heard wandering the streets. A word with a fellow countryman is always nice.

From the village you can see the ships to dock and unload conainer long-awaited by the various activities on the island.

  • Murdeira

Murdeira is a village created out of nothing. He is now recovering from the housing crisis thanks to its proximity to the sea. Also the houses are very nice and spacious.

Those located in front of the sea overlook the bay. A real shame because it is a beautiful area.

The builders, however, have forgotten to create activities nearby. Murdeira still pulls ahead with some house sold, some rented. Mostly they were bought by wealthy people who use them for the holidays.

That pretty much leaves the almost deserted village throughout the year. What should not be overlooked is the need for the car to do anything. In such a small island seems a mockery.


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  • The legacy of real estate speculation. The “Ghost Town”?

Unfortunately, even here the greed of some employers had the upper hand on the island. In some cases losing common sense and logic. Now they remain quà ghost town and there. Some have any chance to recover through the years not.

The problem are those that abandoned cement clusters known only by turning the whole island. At the sight of thousands of massed apartments left to themselves can only shake his head. They are an affront to the island and poverty of the local people. I hope it is a lesson to those who wanted and will want to speculate.

Lately it seems to review the same drama every country I visit. Is a form of gold rush has created, except that in this case are cottages. It has created the idea that it is always an investment safe. All invest money a little ‘to the Czech. Eventually loses out only the average small investor and paradisiacal places that are being usurped.

Sorry but it seemed only right to emphasize this fact, I’m tired of meeting eco-monsters on vacation ..
If you would like to invest in vacation homes know that you have to live on site at least a year to see if it is a good investment or not. Otherwise it is like investing on a scratch card …

The alternative is to be a big immobliarista or investor then the problem does not exist (almost never).


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Climate And weather at Sal Island

How is the climate on the Sal Island?

One of the things you will want to know before you go is just the climate. Let’s see together that the climate is in Sal.

The climate on the island of Sal is constantly arid, tropical dry type. It happens that not even rain for a year in a row!The wind is almost constant.

Rarely blows so unbearable even if there is a period in which it is more relentless. This happens from November to May, not surprisingly, the World Kite Surfing Championship is held in February.

The days tend to be sunny but a few hours of cloudiness never fails. Do not worry ..potete go to the beach it does not rain too much 🙂.

  • Average temperature: 23 ° – 35 ° , but also touch on the 40th

  • Sea temperature: 23 ° – 27 ° very comfortable

  • Rains absent all year or almost (if any are minor and short)


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When is the best time to go at Sal Island?

In the Sal Island there is not a real best time to go on vacation. Given the arid climate that dominates throughout the year there are only some months’ better than others. Let’s look at the alternatives.

As anticipated when going on holiday to Sal it is up to you and interest. If you surfer the best time is from November to May. If you are interested in scorching sun and calm sea then from May to October.

Late August early September is ideal for climate and low prices.
Basically you can go all year, except for exceptional events (bad luck).


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What to pack?


The clothes are the ones to the beach or other summer. For the evening, a jacket and a scarf to the wind if there is. Bring the sunscreen and after-sun milk. On the island of Sal the sun does not forgive anyone and hits you even if covered. So if it was cloudy yourself the same protection because the sun burns you the same 😉.

If you are white protection must be 50 for the first 3 days at least then I would use the 30. Do not go too low protection. Even if the sun does not burn, as bad for the skin. Solar radiation the age prematurely. Medical studies have even identified as responsible for some cancers of the skin.



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The Sal Island excursion

Despite being small, the arid island of Sal still offers a modest number of excursion. Insiame we see what are the most interesting excursions to do on the island.

In general I do not recommend to make the trips proposed by the resort and help the people doing the tours proposed on the spot by the locals.

Both, ‘ Sal Island is “quiet,” you will do good to the people and save. From this point of view you can move freely, the island is small and safe.

Always ask for a bit ‘before deciding the area, because the “cunning” who wants to scrub there is always and everywhere so “probed the ground” before. It ‘also a good opportunity to get to know the people and exchange ideas.



“Las Salinas” Sal Pedra de Lume

Las Salinas all ‘ Island of Sal

L ‘Island is small and dry but there are various excursions to do, including “Las Salinas” de Pedra de Lume (experience that I recommend). The entrance fee was € 5 per person.

A Pedra de Lume there is the crater of an extinct volcano where the Portuguese were exploiting the evaporation of sea water to extract and export facilities in the world.

Now in disuse for years it is exploited for baths and mud with healing properties and exfoliating the skin.


Around or in your resort will not miss the various creams and salts of Saline from comprere to use them at home, there are really interesting.

As you enter you feel the warmth of the water, that as you walk to the center of the crater, it warms up more and more to be hot.

If you do not think too much you’re inside the crater of a dormant volcano / off hustlers of hours of absolute relaxation.

Bathing is a unique experience , because of the concentration of salt, think that you can float in the water with only the back while wave O’er legs and arms in the air simultaneously.

… Attention, do not let go of the water in the eye burning damn … I speak from experience.

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Burracona and its turquoise pools


If you are not on the Island of Sal this is one of the destinations to visit. It is located north-west of the island. In the middle of the rocky soil there are underground water tunnels, with wells and natural pools.

In person or with a rental car, it does not matter. See how nature is able to play with his color is beautiful. When the sun is perpendicular to the body of water it becomes a breathtaking turquoise. All the result of particular conditions, not to be missed, and use the opportunity for a bath 😉.

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Turtles Excursions (or turtle watching)

Atra excursion that will not advise you in particular, is often offered by “resort to hunt” of turtles at night also because the damage disorientandole or ruining the eggs laid.

Rather, go instill the beach, along the RIU and you will find a volunteer association that preserves and show you the eggs and newly hatched turtles. Beautiful !!! All for free and without doing damage to nature.

If you are starting to see signs of turtles and small houses in the form of trataruga then you are on the right track.


The association of voluntary self-sustaining with sales of gadgets and their initiatives.

One of the nice initiatives to raise funds was to adopt a turtle which was given the name you chose, all at the cost of a free offer.

In this regard, remember and try to be always responsible tourists, so that then we back it all back with interest, just to see how pollution is ruining the earth, the sea and water.




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Boat excursions

With a turquoise color as the one that bathes the Cape Verde islands, personally the thing that I would advise you to do it, it is a beautiful boat trip.

There are both for those who want to go fishing, both for those who want to go snorkelling or diving and is to visit the neighboring island of Boa Vista.

The latter is available to everyone and offers you the opportunity to visit the c by historian and a couple of beaches of Boa Vista (depending on who proposes it may vary).

The island is the nearest and there is a lot to get there takes no, just the time of a couple of drinks and snacks, which leaves you the time to stop for a bit ‘in Boa Vista.

According to me it is a day invested well and without spending inflated figures.

The prices … are endless and variable so I can not show you an average cost. But ask around near the pier there are makeshift staff at all the sauces and try to negotiate a good price (negotiated).

Before closing the deal also ask about the physical agencies along the streets of Santa Maria.


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Leaving aside the various beach sports including volleyball, soccer, etc., they are very interesting aquatic ones.

Obviously, for those who are beginners, there are instructors for each of these sports, … I have the prices a bit ‘high, but the temptation to try the Kite Surf was irresistible).

Sal island being ventilated all year (good for these sports), attracts surfers from around the world, and is famous for international competitions that take place on its shores.

So in summary:

  • surf
  • kite Surf
  • Wind Surf
  • Sport fishing
  • snorkeling
  • scuba diving
  • Boating
  • etc.

Wishing there are rentals of jet skis, quads, motorcycles and bicycles.

In summary we say that boredom can collect you only if you are lazy and do not like even stay to relax in the sun (but in that case there … you go to do on holiday?)

Note! The waters are those of the ocean, and the sharks and other predatory fish are accustomed to haunt but until now have never created discomfort, so do not panic, rather you have to pay attention to ocean currents.

If you go off, do not forgive those … and if you are naive from Sal … it ends up that you find directly to Boa Vista the next day …


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Shopping at Sal Island

As for shopping in Sal, there are the squares of the place made with sand , very nice .. but do not capture the enthusiasm, expecting to buy them.

I so I spent three times the actual price (happen 🙁  ), always better to wait and treat …

Another nice thing are the paintings made by hand, are prorpio in African style , with images of bright colors charges, represented everyday scenes of fishing, or the like.

Not all are handmade by locals, many coming from outside in big stock and then sorted on the island. However typical of the island of Sal there is nothing, if not the sea sand and salt for the note. All coming from the other islands (or China and Senegal).

I would challenge anyone to do something … there is not even the wood of the trees …

If you want to see a bit of craftsmanship “local” in Santa Maria, along the inner road there is neither a cute full of all kinds of sculptures, run by some local families. Most of the wood comes from Senegal.

Another thing they do is the market in the square of Santa Maria, where they sell a bit of everything, from the typical junk to new and used clothes (++ used).


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Itinerant vendors in Sal Island

On the beach there will be some Senegalese who want to sell you everything, it is also quite persistent (meaning that there are many, and often pass).

Lately Resort are repressing the phenomenon, which is bothersome to tourists because of the large number of improvised sellers that run.

If you are walking for the ‘ Sal Island , surely you will be approached by locals. With these fanciful excuses, worthy of the best represented ever lived, eventually you will sell you anything.

I think they do the marketing courses on purpose, in the island them, really are masters in getting you into their store or to a friend’s.

However for what they cost the souvenirs there … .with € 2 do a person happy and you bring home a souvenir. I am made of strolls happily chatting, knowing also interesting stories.

For shopping, there are small supermarkets and small here and there, many are managed by the Chinese. Also there are shops where foreigners find everything you are looking at fairly reasonable prices.


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The Parties on the Sal Island


  • February World Kite Surf Championship at Ponta Preta


  • March 19 Feast of St. Joseph, in Palmeira celebrates the CARNIVAL
Carnival Santa Maria, Sal Island

May 3 festival of  SANTA CRUZ in Espargos (near airport)

June / July
Saints Popolori:

  • 9 giungno – Santo Antonio, to Espargos
  • June 24 – St. John area to Espargos HIGH S. JOAO
  • June 29 – Saint Peter respectively Espargos Hortela area
  • Last week of July – St. Anne’s Fontona

August 15
Madonna della Pietà in PEDRA DO LUME

September 15 Sal Festival
Feast of the town hall which provides a variety of celebrations, in Particolore, the Music Festival of Santa Maria , which takes place on the homonymous beach.

It ‘an event worthy of note for the tourism of the’ island of Cabo Verde for the high level achieved in recent years. The party is monitored by armed guards who watch from above and quite safe.

And ‘better anyway not go it alone saw the influx of people arriving, surely the delinquent will always escapes, and prudence you know …

If you want know all parties in Cape Verde, take a look here.


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Documents and useful info


Passports and visas:

And ‘necessary that the passport is valid for at least another six months from the date when it starts. A visa is required but you do once you arrive at the airport on Sal Island. If you travel by agency usually they think of their own. However the cost of the visa is about € 30.


Driving license:

The Italian is valid for 6 months and the driving is like in Italy.



No type of vaccine is required. Except not arrive from yellow fever risk countries, then it is required Caccini. Recommended are the vaccines for hepatitis and typhoid. They are the most popular when you travel. Malaria on the Island of Sal there usually. I recommend you still visit the site . It ‘fairly reliable and updated.



Health is of very poor quality, but above all there are no suitable facilities. Hospitals that can perform a complicated operation are only in the capital.

In fact it is in the capital island of Santiago, Praia, which is carried for emergencies of a certain level. In tourist islands like Sal, Fogo BoaVista and there are only structures able to give first aid (for tourists in fact).



That telephone companies are to Sal? Internet works? Is there Wi-Fi?Now I tell you ..

The Internet is a big rip-off if you do that in the proposed structure. 90% of the WIFI resort / hotel is just disgusting and costs as well. The reason is that they fail to have enough power for all guests. Another matter is the apartment …

Buy yourself a local sim with € 10 or so on average have 2.3 gb of internet. Sail fast everywhere and you can use Skype or whatsapp. The companies are CV Telecom and T + (Tmais).

If you want to check it out in advance these are the links: , . The shops there are ..basta ask around.

Free wifi in the main squares! So if you have exploited the free connections that you find in the streets so you save!


Escudos is the local currency. The change is held in parallel with the euro.

Currently the exchange rate is the following.

  • 1 Euro = 110.2650 Cape Verde Escudo
    1 Escudo Cape Verde = 0.0091 Euro
    1 US dollar = 103.4284 Cape Verde Escudo
    1 Escudo Cape Verde = 0.0097 US dollars



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with love,


Ps For any suggestions or questions for me  please email me 🙂.



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