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If you talk of Mexico you cannot but mention to its history, is one of the most fascinating and mysterious.

When you visit for the first time and turn it a bit, you realize that it is the earth itself to tell you your past, you can just breathe in the air.

A story that appeals to you. then … seeing the first remains of temples and where they played pelota, comes immediately from fantasizing about how it would be at that time.

Do you think that the winner had the honor to be sacrificed to their God, by being beheaded and thrown into the cenote (so much for faith …).

-Mexico history (summary)-

However the Mexico as you know is the result of Spanish colonization began again in 1500, with the extermination of the last civilization emerged at that time, the Aztecs.

In fact, the Mayans settled in the area many years before and then disappeared mysteriously after years of expansion and unprecedented prosperity.

The civilizations that settled in those lands were:

  • The Olmecs (apogee from 1200 b.c. to 500 b.c.)

  • The civilization of Teotihuacán (100 BC to 650 ad)

  • Zapotec (apogee from 200 to 700)

  • The Maya (apogee from 200 to 900)

  • The toltecs (apogee from 1000 to 1200)

  • The Aztecs (apogee from 1200 to 1500)

What not everyone knows is that Mexico would be twice the size if only she hadn’t done robbing land from America and Central America.

Do you think California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Guatemala were under the Spanish colonies (then Mexico).

At the end between wars and independence you outlined the current boundaries. However, among the largest in the world and among the most populated.

-Why go to Mexico? –

  • It is one of the most complete and wonderful destinations on the planet
  • Aguazul falls are among the most beautiful I’ve seen, almost to seem surreal how are stunning

  • The infinity of temples and archaeological remains scattered in the jungle are spectacular
  • Even some Cenote (ancient natural water wells) are open and they will leave you speechless
  • Cities and Mayan civilization are among the oldest and most charming in the world
  • The population is cheerful and friendly
  • Affordable cost more or less always depends on what you want to do, whatever the cost of living is lower than in Italy and is also less taxed
  • The Italian community is numerous there too, especially in tourist areas
  • The Festival of the dead is one of Mexico’s largest and colorful, beautiful!
  •   There are those who choose it as a destination for your honeymoon …

-Mexico and Security-

The Mexico has always been one of the most popular destinations in the world. Known for its beautiful beaches, quaint colonial towns, numerous ancient temples and nightlife, though the latter unfortunately it goes well wrapped in incidents of crime.

Be particularly careful if you are in Mexico City and Acapulco.

Over the past 15 years has been moving from one of the quietest destinations for holidays in one of the most dangerous (if you don’t know where to go or you go looking for trouble …).

Lately the phenomenon very fortunately came to crime.

To take a look in real time to the way things are going, please visit this link, you will be very useful to inform you on all trips.

What I can say is that you just get some power of observation to see if a place is more or less secure.

For example what I sprang for the eyes just turned around for some Mexican city were the wrought iron grilles more or less colorful and cute but ubiquitous.

Unfortunately occasional petty thieves there are also there.

This sad reality is a result not so much of poverty, but rather of the drug that travels the country, thanks to police and politics corrupted by powerful drugs.

However just a few extra touches to sightsee in safety:

  • never turn alone late at night in isolated areas, especially if we are women
  • If you must, leave said (a few friends or similar) where you’re going and when you come around
  • always carry around a copy of the documents
  • If you go walking, get a business card or write down where you are staying so you can ask questions if needed (you wouldn’t be the first to beat a 1 km from where you sleep … especially if you enjoy Tequila and Cerveza;))
  • attention to car hire, often require credit card and copy document, check the covers various damage and theft … avoid surprises
  • avoid going into areas that don’t have clear information (you might end up in some kind of trouble)
  • always ask retailers who are the most reliable information usually
  • not unless you go looking for friendship beware of who aims so insistent/suspect
  • do not respond to provocations thrown emptiness
  • don’t make a good view of its have. Cell. video cameras, money etc.
  • see “travel safe” before each trip, so you have the updated data
  • get as much information as possible before you leave
  • tourist and coastal cities of Mexico turns are usually the most preserved by crime as a source of revenue for the State

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