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Where is Cape Verde?


Cape Verde is located next Senegal (Africa), where there are ten small and beautiful islands in the archipelago of Cape Verde. To get there, there are direct flights from major Italian and European airports. The flight from Italy is 6 hours. The closest point to Senegal is the Sal Island, which is about 500 km. In fact one of the reasons for its aridity is the wind of the Sahara that reaches.


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 The islands of Cape Verde


The island of Fogo is famous throughout the archipelago for its vineyards scattered around its volcano hot. Its lunar landscape is lost in the vegetation and plantations cultivated by Cape Verdeans.

The wine of Fogo you can taste and buy in the archipelago of Cape Verde.

The island of Sal is the most desert and new to tourism, but in the past decade has grown to be the most tourist area of Cape Verde.

Large investors have embarked on it as if it were a rough stone to model. Now the big hotels and towns springing up here and there.

The most beautiful beaches of Sal are already important destination of tourism, festivals and surf championships. The international airport of Amilcar Cabral Sal has become the most important of all Cape Verde .

The island of Boa Vista is similar to the island of Sal (is the closest to Sal), but hides some corner of vegentazione more. In the past it was plundered by pirates for its manufactured products

The islands of Cape Verde are redeeming only now from the past. There life still flows slowly and climate together with the bright colors of buildings put you in the soul serenity.

Her melancholy songs, give transparent you happiness … but also all the suffering collected in past centuries.

Here is the famous Cesaria Evora. Listen to his beautiful songs and close your eyes for a moment … that’s … This is Cape Verde:) 


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Good reason for visit Cape Verde

Meta very interesting for the fast holidays all year round, are some reasons why to go there and maybe who knows … become an expat:


  • cost of average income / income holidays
  • It is a safe country
  • duration of the flight at less than 10 hours for most of the europe (6 from Italy)
  • excellent year-round climate
  • varying landscapes from island to island to suit all needs
  • lower living costs (but unpretentious)
  • the services offered by tourist facilities are good or high level
  • Creole cuisine is a mix of experience, but especially the fresh fish
  • very low taxes
  • good interest for those who open an account in their bank (in 2016 you arrived to the 4/5%, and if you can bring a lot of money to treat well)
  • many Europeans have already elected as the usually resident and is easy to find countrymen
  • for those providing a pension there, this is done to a steep discount on taxes
  • No Stress, cheerful and relaxed life


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 Climate in Cape Verde

Many before leaving ask themselves these questions, then we see that there is climate in Cape Verde.

The tropical climate of  Cape Verde is basically divided into two seasons:

  • dry season from October to June. Here it almost never rains, except rarely and violently for a few hours. The phenomena usually occur on the highest peaks of the islands of Cape Verde. To give relief to the temperatures are the winds that blow almost costatemente. To give an example to the island of Sal happens that it does not rain for a year in a row.


  • wet season from July to October. It ‘should be pointed out that the wet season is the period of the rains, which bagnagno little and rarely Cape Verde . Moisture is virtually non-existent since the wind blows constantly.


  • Temperatures hover around 25 ° / 35 ° , temperature of the sea 23 ° / 27 °.
  • As anticipated, the climate is tropical, but the average annual rainfall is mostly arid and dry 120mm a year ..
    In the capital of Praia can touch the 200mm 0mm and the island of Sal


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 Best time to go to Cape Verde


Let’s see now the best time to go to Cape Verde.

A reason for the predominantly arid climate of Cape Verde, the islands can be visited all year.

There is a real best time to go on vacation. Especially in the islands of Boa Vista, Sal and Maio are the most arid of the 10 islands. In these three islands if we look at the business side it would be better to avoid the high season. So the Christmas holidays and New Year, from July to August.

Generally evitarei line the period when the winds blow more (from October to March). Moreover Evitarei to go in the cooler months (January-February), which means only having to put the dinner jacket.

The best time (if you’re not surfers) to visit is September, May / June. Periods when the wind blows mildly to moderately, the islands are not crowded. I would also add that the prices are affordable and you can stop more …

For a surfer the best month is February, when it can participate in the world championship Kite surf. In this period the winds blow and the waves rise. Perfect for this sport.




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Here is a documentary of Cape Verde


How to move from island to island


Move in the islands is not a problem, just decide whether to use a taxi or rent a car. However the services we are everywhere. Cars are super battered because of the dirt road, but still there are.

However, given the beauty of the islands often it is tempting to see more than one during your stay. Changing island then?

The solutions are 3:

  • the liner leading from island to island there almost every day depends on it. And quite cheap as a means, but the trip takes hours and hours. To see the routes and prices you can consult this page of FastFerry.
  • boats that offer guided tours only connect certain islands to each other and are more expensive. To cover the increased cost offer guidance, various stages and snacks. Unfortunately usually only connect the nearest and tourist islands.


  • the plane connects most of the islands and the cost is around € 70/100 per way. It is not much when you consider that in one hour you are on the other side. The company that handles domestic flights are TACV CapoVerdeAirlines. Here you will find all routes and booking costs .


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A Cape Verde party as a great opportunity to find each other and leave the daily routine. They are held almost all of dances, music and local dishes. So the population can not wait to arrive. Some islands are celebrating more than the other. The parties in general and the Festival especially are kept under the watchful eye of armed riot agents style. Do not worry it is normal that! It is not due to possible criminals. It ‘just a way that they have to be seen present and authoritarian. A good way to remove any unhealthy idea can ever think of. But we now see when, where and how ..

  • February   : Carnival   strongly felt in Sao Vicente and Sao. The carnival is celebrated in all the Cape Verde islands. If you look for the most flashy carnival, in these two islands are held the biggest demonstrations.
  • February : The Day of Ashes takes place the Friday following the carnival. In Santiago is heard and is celebrated with typical dishes. The gastronomy is king on this day.
  • May : the Gamboa Festival in Santiago is a real music festival.
  • June : Days Festival in Santo Antao, Sao Vicente and Brava. The biggest demonstrations were in these three islands. There is very dieverte with shows, parades and songs.
  • July : July 5 is celebrated the National Day Dell’Indipendenza . Many of the activities and shows are brought to the streets. Various types of performances, from dance to literature.
  • August : the Baia das Gatas Festival , takes place during the full moon weekend. In Sao Vicente is highest. Internationally renowned artists are performing. There are theatrical and cultural performances for everyone.
  • August : the Praia da Cruz Festival takes place the following weekend at the Baia das Gatas. Although the name is misleading, actually it takes place in Boa Vista. Concerts and various entertainment activities follow each other in the two days.
  • September : Festival Santa Maria on Sal is the most felt by Cape Verdeans. Being the tourist island, the show is guaranteed. Many capoveridiani flock from other islands to celebrate. Internationally renowned artists are invited for the occasion. We dance for two days in a row and in the morning at the beach is easy to find people asleep. Like the other concerts leaves a little ‘of turmoil in the country. In these two days the operators of all skill levels are tired or dizzy. Activities are not all open and you can not ‘expect much, you’d be shocked. Better to take it with joy.
  • September : the Mindelact , in Sao Vicente, attracts players from around the world. It ‘a theater festival that attracts many fans and industry professionals.
  • End of Summer : the Festival takes place ” and Sete Sois Sete Luas ” translated would be “seven suns and seven moons.” In Santo Antao is held the last of Cape Verde Music Festival.
  • November : Labour Day / International trade , in Santiago and Sao Vicente. There are more than 200 stalls of 6000 square meters. More than 150 businesses involved, and the event is enjoying an excellent acceptance .

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Cape Verde Security


Many, before visiting you have rightly this question: “Cape Verde is safe?”. I will try to clarify your doubts.

Cape Verde itself is a quiet place, especially the Cape Verdeans who’s motto is “no stress.” Tourists are well regarded. The islands draw sustenance mainly from tourism which is protected to the maximum.

In the most tourist islands ( Boa Vista and Sal ) each resort has its own armed guard outside. Not that it needs it, but it’s a way to make it clear from the start that they are not allowed mess.

Speaking of resorts, someone has a habit of making terrorism to keep all receipts of possible customers. It is absolutely not true that it is dangerous to leave the resort! Just use common sense and do not look shit. You can get around anywhere alone 😉.

In general the islands are safe except for some areas to be avoided, especially in the capital Praia where it is better to pay more attention.


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Drugs in Cape Verde


The islands are comfortable berths for traffickers of all kinds. If you try drugs, more or less light in Cape Verde you can be found here and there. Without any difficulty they are or you are also offered insistently if you have the look of one who uses it.

If you have the look of a banker with families certainly you will not be disturbed.

In many islands smoke cannabis to kill time. It would seem as if it were legal by the ease with which they do it ..

Drugs are prohibited across Cape Verde , so plan accordingly … It might be a good reason to end up in trouble. The authorities are like all of Africa easily corruptible, but each case is to himself.

Ps I do not assume responsibility for what was said. I just hope you do not ever need to need to experience it.


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For mans, prostitution is present in Cape Verde and elsewhere in the world. The only thing to point out is that it is non-invasive, except for a few tourist area.

While there is much female sex tourism . For years you are experiencing this boom. Women who come to spend their holidays in search of the ” Big Bamboo “. Women of all ages and races that take advantage of the needs of Cape Verde to meet their own.


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