Save photo online

How to save photo online?

I hope you never lost, break or make you steal the phone on vacation or touring. The experience is very bad, and leaves you with a sense of helplessness and frustration. It had happened to me once :-(.

But never despair, now there are many ways to avoid it and I will explain what they are. I will list the most safe and tested by me. They are all multi-platform solutions and can be used wherever and with whatever. If you are abroad just as you lean to a free WiFi network in the world. If you use the network traffic could rise steeply consumption Mb … Now today is everywhere, just go to a local bar and you can save your photos (or data) major with a few clicks.

Here are the free ones but with the limitations of space and expandable for a fee with the upgrade:

  • Google Drive is an excellent way to back up not only photos but the phone or your data in general. In fact it is a Google product so practical and safe. The limit is 15 Gb that may sound a lot but nowadays it takes little to fill them. Of course there is the possibility to extend them to capacity by paying an amount. Currently pay about 24 € / year for 100gb, € 120 / year for a Tb.
  • DropBox as good with up to 18 Gb free. Similar to Google Drive as a concept and expandable by paying a fee.


  • Mega excellent solution that offers you a well-Free 50 GB of storage space expandable always paying a corresponding amount. Mega is also very easy to use.
  • Hubic this is a good one with 25 GB free available. Upgradeable to 100 GB for 10 € / year or 10 TB for 50 € / year.
  • Degoo   start with 100 Gb free and increasable up to 500 Gb free inviting yuor friends, very good solution.


  • Amazon Drive offers 5 GB of free storage. Good and safe (Amazon).


The latest innovation from Amazon with free trial of Amazon Prime have access to Amazon drive with 5 GB of generic space and UNLIMITED SPACE FOR PHOTOS is included with Amazon Prime. Not to mention that you have the benefit of free shipping and in one day. Practically at present all we order online through Amazon, you might as well get the free shipping and in one day with a gift OF UNLIMITED SPACE FOR PHOTOS. Everything is secure, multi-platform and easy to use to find all the photos.

Here’s what to include Prime if one decides to continue after the free trial period.

For only 19.99 EUR per year customers to Amazon Prime subscribers can benefit from:

Deliveries in 1 business day on over 1 million products at no additional cost
Delivery within 2 working days at no charge to areas not covered by the delivery in 1 day
Prime Photo: unlimited storage for photos
“Delivery on day of” no additional cost, to get movies, music, video games on the day of their official release
“Delivery on day of” no additional cost, to get movies, music, video games on the day of their official release
early access to flash deals on and access to deals in the Amazon Preview BuyVIP from 20:00 on the day before their start
Many other benefits made available to you with Amazon Prime

Storage talking about ….

(My “digital survival kit”)

For the uninitiated SD memory cards have lowered much costs (at least on Amazon). no longer exist now the cd or dvd but just have a USB flash drive that mounts the micro SD and that’s it. In this regard, I am taking this baby of KiwiBird makes me everything and I copy me anything I want to and at Apple, Android, Microsoft. My little treasure is one of the few that supports micro SD up to 128 Gb and OGT I can use like an External Hard Disk Drive from my tablet to work.

  With the addition of this shockproof waterproof pouch that keeps me in order and safe;-).


With micro SD in less than 1 cm x 1 mm all your photos (or data) stored. Best to always have multiple copies (even online) to prevent accidental loss. Note that the SD or micro, are much more secure hard disk of the PC at the level of impact or shock.


The best prices on the market are those that I propose.

A micro SD 128 Gb costs £ 38 about.

Thinks about this 64gb micro SD for only £ 17..

 Or this 32Gb for only £ 11..

By now all of our mountain hi tech products micro sd but be careful what supports your product. Only the latest smartphone (released in 2015) support micro sd 128 Gb so pay attention to your measurement. The speed instead of both writing class C 10 or C 6 does not make much difference to the user level, even if it is class U1 or upload U3. Do you feel just a little ‘when we have to go in 128 Gb block from PC to mobile. If you want to know all about the memories this link explains well how you classify SD and how safe.


You want to know how I save my photo and data online at home?


Here then is how do I save data online and at home. Personally I mistrust by Chinese products especially when it comes to online backup. I do not trust me to give my life to remember a Chinese server. At least not just Chinese. In fact there are interesting deals in the network, but not entirely reliable.

So as I said, before you copy online it also takes material space Hardware said. I have 5 case for adapters as above (we chased in too SIM telephone cards when they are abroad) and many micro sd. I have basically all the photos and videos stored on Micro SD, but for paranoid and distrust I also online.

For example in the airplane I get bored, I often use the tablet and we work or watch my things. The tablet has more storage space reduced so use the key of KiwiBird you see above. It is useful to pour data from PC to mobile and vice versa.

Personally I use Google Drive only for backing up files other than photos and videos, same thing for Drop Box. For videos and only videos instead use Mega gives me enough free space (50 GB). For photos I have my unlimited space (only for photos) on Amazon thanks to Amazon Prime that allows me an excellent image management and with less than 20 € I have many other benefits.

NEWS… by now i use Degoo for my movie and several backups. With my friend i’m at 200 Gb free cloud space.

Dividing things like this do also less confusing and I do not give up anything.

Some do not know that sometimes Google Drive if you do not specify reduces the size and quality of photos and video to save space. Be careful then.

Until now this is my well-tested method and find it super reliable, but if there were any upgrades you will be the first to know ;-).

More travel tips you will find them in the page and section.

Until next time,




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